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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

There is hereby established within the bureau a Division of Criminal Statistics, and the
superintendent, within the limits of membership herein prescribed, shall appoint a qualified
statistician and one assistant to be in charge thereof. It shall be the duty of this division to
collect, and preserve as a record of the bureau, information concerning the number and nature
of offenses known to have been committed in the state, of the legal steps taken in connection
therewith from the inception of the complaint to the final discharge of the defendant, and such
other information as may be useful in the study of crime and the administration of justice. The
information so collected and preserved shall include such data as may be requested by the United
States Department of Justice, at Washington, under its national system of crime reporting. To
the extent possible, the superintendent must utilize a nationally recognized system or standard
approved by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to collect and preserve crime data.
History: (9950-7) 1927 c 224 s 3; 1935 c 197 s 2; 1939 c 441 s 41; 1Sp2003 c 2 art 4 s 5