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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Every claimant shall supply to the department of revenue, in support of the claim, proof of
eligibility under this chapter, including but not limited to amount of rent paid or property taxes
accrued, name and address of owner or managing agent of property rented, changes in homestead,
household membership, household income, size and nature of property claimed as a homestead.
Disabled persons filing claims shall submit proof of disability in the form and manner as
the department may prescribe. The department may require examination and certification by the
claimant's physician or by a physician designated by the department. The cost of any examination
shall be borne by the claimant, unless the examination proves the disability, in which case the cost
of the examination shall be borne by the department.
A determination of disability of a claimant by the Social Security Administration under Title
II or Title XVI of the Social Security Act shall constitute presumptive proof of disability.
History: 1975 c 437 art 1 s 9; 1Sp1981 c 4 art 1 s 145; 1984 c 514 art 4 s 17; 1986 c 444