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    Subdivision 1. Cooperation with other states on combining wages. (a) In accordance
with the requirements of United States Code, title 26, section 3304(a)(9)(B), the Federal
Unemployment Tax Act, the commissioner shall participate in reciprocal arrangements with other
states for the payment of unemployment benefits on the basis of combining an applicant's wages
from multiple states for the purposes of collecting unemployment benefits from a single state. The
reciprocal agreement must include provisions for applying the base period of a single state law to
a benefit account involving the combining of an applicant's wages and employment and avoiding
the duplicate use of wages by reason of such combining. The commissioner may not enter into
any reciprocal arrangement unless it contains provisions for reimbursements to the trust fund,
by the other state, for unemployment benefits paid from the trust fund to applicants based upon
wages and employment covered under the laws of the other state.
    (b) The commissioner is authorized to pay unemployment benefits based upon an applicant's
wages paid in covered employment in another state only if the applicant is combining Minnesota
wage credits with the wages paid in covered employment from another state or states.
    (c) Section 268.23 does not apply to this subdivision.
    (d) On any reciprocal arrangement, the wages paid an applicant from employment covered
under an unemployment insurance program of another state are considered wages from covered
employment for the purpose of determining the applicant's rights to unemployment benefits under
the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Law.
    Subd. 2. Cooperation with foreign governments. The commissioner is authorized to enter
into or cooperate in arrangements whereby facilities and services provided under the Minnesota
Unemployment Insurance Law and facilities and services provided under the unemployment
insurance program of any foreign government, may be used for the taking of applications for
unemployment benefits and continued requests and the payment of unemployment benefits under
this law or under a similar law of a foreign government.
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Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes