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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Community service shall be an acceptable sentencing option but shall not reduce the state or
federal share of any amount to be repaid or any subsequent recovery. Any reduction or offset of
any such amount ordered by a court shall be treated as follows:
(1) any reduction in an overpayment amount, to include the amount ordered as restitution,
shall not reduce the underlying amount established as an overpayment by the state or county
(2) total overpayments shall continue as a debt owed and may be recovered by any civil or
administrative means otherwise available to the state or county agency; and
(3) any amount ordered to be offset against any overpayment shall be deducted from the
county share only of any recovery and shall be based on the prevailing state minimum wage.
History: 1997 c 85 art 5 s 22; 2002 c 277 s 8