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    Subdivision 1. Limitations. In any case where the guardianship of any developmentally
disabled, disabled, dependent, neglected or delinquent child, or a child born to a mother who was
not married to the child's father when the child was conceived nor when the child was born, has
been committed to the commissioner of human services, and in any case where the guardianship
of any person with a developmental disability has been committed to the commissioner of human
services, the court having jurisdiction of the estate may on such notice as the court may direct,
authorize the commissioner to take possession of the personal property in the estate, liquidate
it, and hold the proceeds in trust for the ward, to be invested, expended and accounted for as
provided by sections 256.88 to 256.92.
    Subd. 2. Annual report. The commissioner of human services shall annually or at such other
times as the court may direct file with the court an account of moneys received and disbursed
by the commissioner for wards and conservatees, pursuant to subdivision 1. Upon petition
of the ward or conservatee or of any person interested in such estate and upon notice to the
commissioner the court may terminate such trust and require final accounting thereof.
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