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    Subdivision 1. Citation. Sections 245.461 to 245.486 may be cited as the "Minnesota
Comprehensive Adult Mental Health Act."
    Subd. 2. Mission statement. The commissioner shall create and ensure a unified,
accountable, comprehensive adult mental health service system that:
(1) recognizes the right of adults with mental illness to control their own lives as fully
as possible;
(2) promotes the independence and safety of adults with mental illness;
(3) reduces chronicity of mental illness;
(4) eliminates abuse of adults with mental illness;
(5) provides services designed to:
(i) increase the level of functioning of adults with mental illness or restore them to a
previously held higher level of functioning;
(ii) stabilize adults with mental illness;
(iii) prevent the development and deepening of mental illness;
(iv) support and assist adults in resolving mental health problems that impede their
(v) promote higher and more satisfying levels of emotional functioning; and
(vi) promote sound mental health; and
(6) provides a quality of service that is effective, efficient, appropriate, and consistent with
contemporary professional standards in the field of mental health.
    Subd. 3. Report. By February 15, 1988, and annually after that until February 15, 1994,
the commissioner shall report to the legislature on all steps taken and recommendations for full
implementation of sections 245.461 to 245.486 and on additional resources needed to further
implement those sections.
    Subd. 4. Housing mission statement. The commissioner shall ensure that the housing
services provided as part of a comprehensive mental health service system:
(1) allow all persons with mental illness to live in stable, affordable housing, in settings that
maximize community integration and opportunities for acceptance;
(2) allow persons with mental illness to actively participate in the selection of their housing
from those living environments available to the general public; and
(3) provide necessary support regardless of where persons with mental illness choose to live.
    Subd. 5. Funding from the federal government and other sources. The commissioner
shall seek and apply for federal and other nonstate, nonlocal government funding for the mental
health services specified in sections 245.461 to 245.486, in order to maximize nonstate, nonlocal
dollars for these services.
History: 1987 c 403 art 2 s 16; 1989 c 282 art 4 s 1; 1991 c 292 art 6 s 1,2

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes