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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Whenever the governor deems it necessary for any purpose authorized by the state
Constitution or by law, may by public proclamation call out the militia or such part or number
thereof as the governor may designate for military duty in the service of the state, and may provide
for the enrollment, assembly, and muster into service by voluntary enlistment or by draft, as the
governor may determine, of the militia so called out. For that purpose the governor may make
orders and rules and enforce the same, appoint all necessary officers and fix their compensation,
and may require all proper public officers to perform such duties as the governor may direct.
History: (2404) 1921 c 506 s 10; 1943 c 108 s 3; 1985 c 248 s 70; 1986 c 444