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    Subdivision 1. Purpose. The purpose of this section is to authorize political subdivisions
to establish and fund their own programs to control pests that are likely to cause economic or
environmental harm or harm to human health.
    Subd. 2. Control. The governing body of a county, city, or town may appropriate money to
control native or exotic pests.
    Subd. 3. Cost. The governing body of the political subdivision may levy a tax on the taxable
property within the subdivision to defray the cost of the activities authorized under subdivision 2.
    Subd. 4. Certificates of indebtedness. To provide funds for activities authorized in
subdivision 2 in advance of collection of the tax under subdivision 3, the governing body may,
after the tax has been levied and certified to the county auditor for collection, issue certificates of
indebtedness in anticipation of the collection and payment of the tax. The total amount of the
certificates, including principal and interest, must not exceed 90 percent of the amount of the levy
and must be payable from the proceeds of the levy no later than two years from the date of
issuance. They must be issued on terms and conditions determined by the governing body and
must be sold as provided in section 475.60. If the governing body determines that an emergency
exists, it may make appropriations from the proceeds of the certificates for authorized purposes
without complying with statutory or charter provisions requiring that expenditures be based on
a prior budget authorization or other budgeting requirements.
    Subd. 5. Deposit of proceeds in separate fund. The proceeds of a tax levied under
subdivision 3 or an issue of certificates of indebtedness under subdivision 4 must be deposited in
the municipal treasury in a separate fund and spent only for purposes authorized by this section. If
no disbursement is made from the fund for a period of five years, any money remaining in the
fund may be transferred to the general fund.
    Subd. 6. Penalty. A person who prevents, obstructs, or interferes with the county authorities
or their agents in carrying out subdivisions 2 to 5, or neglects to comply with the rules and
regulations of the county commissioners adopted under authority of those subdivisions, is guilty
of a misdemeanor.
    Subd. 7. Regulations; scope. A city council, board of county commissioners, or town board
may by resolution or ordinance adopt and enforce regulations to control and prevent the spread of
plant pests and diseases. The regulations may authorize appropriate officers and employees to:
(1) enter and inspect any public or private place that might harbor plant pests;
(2) provide for the summary removal of diseased trees from public or private places if
necessary to prevent the spread of the disease;
(3) require the owner to destroy or treat plant pests, diseased or invasive plants, or other
infested material; and
(4) provide for the work at the expense of the owner.
The expense must be a lien upon the property and may be collected as a special assessment as
provided by section 429.101 or by charter. In this subdivision, "private place" means every
place except a private home.
History: 2003 c 128 art 4 s 12