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    Subdivision 1. Prohibition. Special transportation services shall not provide or offer
transportation to persons who might reasonably require ambulance service, as defined in section
144E.001, subdivision 3, while in the special transportation vehicle. The commissioner of
transportation shall investigate all complaints alleging violations of this section. When requested,
the commissioner of health shall assist the commissioner of transportation in determining whether
a violation occurred.
    Subd. 2. Data classified. Data relating to an individual's physical condition or medical
treatment collected, received, or maintained by the Department of Transportation under this
section are private data on individuals. The commissioner of transportation may disclose data
classified as private data on individuals to the commissioner of health to the extent necessary to
determine if a violation of this section occurred.
    Subd. 3. Penalties. Notwithstanding section 174.30, subdivision 8, the commissioner of
transportation may issue an order assessing a monetary penalty of up to $10,000 for a violation of
this section. The minimum penalty for a third violation of this section within three years shall
be revocation of the certificate issued under section 174.30, subdivision 4a. A person whose
certificate is revoked under this section may appeal the commissioner's action in a contested
case proceeding under chapter 14.
History: 1990 c 556 s 3; 1995 c 155 s 9; 1997 c 199 s 14