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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

162.16 MS 1949 [Repealed, 1951 c 192 s 1]
Upon the request of the commissioner, money in the county state-aid highway fund and
money in the municipal state-aid street fund shall be invested by the State Board of Investment
in those securities authorized for such purpose in section 11A.21. All interest and profits from
the investments shall be credited to the fund on which the interest or profits are earned. The
commissioner of finance shall be the custodian of all securities purchased under the provisions
of this section.
History: 1959 c 500 art 3 s 16; 1963 c 567 s 5; 1965 c 113 s 2; 1967 c 404 s 6; 1980 c 607
art 14 s 46; 2003 c 112 art 2 s 50