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160.201 MS 1957 [Repealed, 1959 c 500 art 6 s 13]
    Subdivision 1. Improving and draining. For the purpose of draining public roads and
preventing accumulations of water in road ditches, the overflow of which may damage adjacent
lands, the various authorities having supervision over public roads, in addition to all other powers
granted to said authorities, are authorized and empowered to expend moneys from funds available
therefor in repairing, cleaning out, deepening, widening and improving public road ditches
within the jurisdiction and supervision of such authorities. The necessity for such work shall be
determined by the authorities which now have the supervision of said public roads; provided,
that before said work may be done said road supervising authority shall determine that said road
ditch as so improved will be provided with an adequate outlet.
    Subd. 2. Rental of ditch machinery by county to municipality. The county board of
any county now or hereafter owning machinery or equipment used in the construction and
maintenance of ditches may lease such machinery and its incidental appliances to municipalities
within such county upon such rate of rental and upon such terms and conditions as the county
board may prescribe.
History: 1945 c 36

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