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160.09 MS 1953 [Repealed, 1957 c 943 s 72]
    Subdivision 1. Change in location. When the road authority of a county or town changes
the location of a highway or road under its jurisdiction, the old road shall remain open until the
new road is opened for travel. The old road or any portion thereof shall not revert to the abutting
owners until vacated by the road authority in accordance with the law.
    Subd. 2. Old roads remain open. When the new road does not provide access to property
whose only means of access was the old road, then and in that event, the portion of the old
road providing the access shall remain open for travel and shall be maintained by the county or
town road authority until other means of access are provided after which it may be vacated
as provided by law.
    Subd. 3. Local road not vacated in certain cases. When a county highway or town road is
the only means of access to any property or properties containing an area or combined area of five
acres or more, the highway or road shall not be vacated without the consent of the property owner
unless other means of access are provided.
History: 1959 c 500 art 1 s 9

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Revisor of Statutes