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The following persons are exempt from the provisions of sections 154.001, 154.002,
154.003, 154.01 to 154.161, 154.19 to 154.21, and 154.24 to 154.26 while in the proper discharge
of their professional duties:
(1) persons authorized by the law of this state to practice medicine, surgery, osteopathy,
and chiropractic;
(2) commissioned medical or surgical officers of the United States armed services;
(3) registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nursing aides performing services
under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse, provided, however, that no additional
compensation shall be paid for such service and patients who are so attended shall not be charged
for barbering;
(4) cosmetologists, provided, however, that cosmetologists shall not hold themselves out as
barbers or, except in the case of manicurists, practice their occupation in a barber shop; and
(5) persons who perform barbering services for charitable purposes in nursing homes,
shelters, missions, or other similar facilities, provided, however, that no direct or indirect
compensation is received for the services, and that persons who receive barbering services are
not charged for the services.
History: (5846-4) 1927 c 316 s 4; 1929 c 270 s 4; 1973 c 597 s 1; 1974 c 62 s 2; 1976 c 222
s 104; 1991 c 282 s 3; 1995 c 59 s 1; 2004 c 269 art 3 s 5; 2005 c 27 s 9

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes