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    Subdivision 1. Applicability. Definitions in this section apply to this chapter.
    Subd. 2. Board of health. "Board of health" or "board" means an administrative authority
established under section 145A.03 or 145A.07.
    Subd. 3. City. "City" means a statutory city or home rule charter city as defined in section
    Subd. 4. Commissioner. "Commissioner" means the Minnesota commissioner of health.
    Subd. 5. Community health board. "Community health board" means a board of health
established, operating, and eligible for a local public health grant under sections 145A.09 to
    Subd. 6. Community health services. "Community health services" means activities
designed to protect and promote the health of the general population within a community health
service area by emphasizing the prevention of disease, injury, disability, and preventable death
through the promotion of effective coordination and use of community resources, and by
extending health services into the community.
    Subd. 7. Community health service area. "Community health service area" means a city,
county, or multicounty area that is organized as a community health board under section 145A.09
and for which a local public health grant is received under sections 145A.09 to 145A.131.
    Subd. 8. County board. "County board" or "county" means a county board of commissioners
as defined in chapter 375.
    Subd. 9.[Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 14 art 8 s 32]
    Subd. 10.[Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 14 art 8 s 32]
    Subd. 11.[Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 14 art 8 s 32]
    Subd. 12.[Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 14 art 8 s 32]
    Subd. 13.[Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 14 art 8 s 32]
    Subd. 14.[Repealed, 1Sp2003 c 14 art 8 s 32]
    Subd. 15. Medical consultant. "Medical consultant" means a physician licensed to practice
medicine in Minnesota who is working under a written agreement with, employed by, or on
contract with a board of health to provide advice and information, to authorize medical procedures
through standing orders, and to assist a board of health and its staff in coordinating their activities
with local medical practitioners and health care institutions.
    Subd. 16. Population. "Population" means the total number of residents of the state or any
city or county as established by the last federal census, by a special census taken by the United
States Bureau of the Census, by the state demographer under section 4A.02, or by an estimate
of city population prepared by the Metropolitan Council, whichever is the most recent as to
the stated date of count or estimate.
    Subd. 17. Public health nuisance. "Public health nuisance" means any activity or failure to
act that adversely affects the public health.
    Subd. 18. Public health nurse. "Public health nurse" means a person who is licensed as a
registered nurse by the Minnesota Board of Nursing under sections 148.171 to 148.285 and who
meets the voluntary registration requirements established by the Board of Nursing.
History: 1987 c 309 s 2; 1989 c 194 s 2; 1991 c 345 art 2 s 43; 1997 c 199 s 14; 1999 c
245 art 9 s 47; 1Sp2003 c 14 art 8 s 12-14

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes