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(a) The commissioner may award grants to boards of health as defined in section 145A.02,
subdivision 2
, state agencies, state councils, or nonprofit corporations to provide evaluation and
counseling services to populations at risk for acquiring human immunodeficiency virus infection,
including, but not limited to, minorities, adolescents, intravenous drug users, and homosexual
(b) The commissioner may award grants to agencies experienced in providing services to
communities of color, for the design of innovative outreach and education programs for targeted
groups within the community who may be at risk of acquiring the human immunodeficiency virus
infection, including intravenous drug users and their partners, adolescents, gay and bisexual
individuals and women. Grants shall be awarded on a request for proposal basis and shall include
funds for administrative costs. Priority for grants shall be given to agencies or organizations that
have experience in providing service to the particular community which the grantee proposes to
serve; that have policy makers representative of the targeted population; that have experience
in dealing with issues relating to HIV/AIDS; and that have the capacity to deal effectively with
persons of differing sexual orientations. For purposes of this paragraph, the "communities of
color" are: the American-Indian community; the Hispanic community; the African-American
community; and the Asian-Pacific community.
(c) All state grants awarded under this section for programs targeted to adolescents shall
include the promotion of abstinence from sexual activity and drug use.
History: 1987 c 309 s 24; 1988 c 689 art 2 s 46; 1991 c 292 art 2 s 31; 1999 c 245 art 2 s 31

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Revisor of Statutes