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The licensee shall provide for the safe, orderly, and appropriate transfer of residents within
the facility. In situations where there is a curtailment, reduction, capital improvement, or change
in operations within a facility, the licensee shall minimize the number of intrafacility transfers
needed to complete the project or change in operations, consider individual resident needs and
preferences, and provide reasonable accommodation for individual resident requests regarding
their room transfer. The licensee shall provide notice to the Office of Ombudsman for Long-Term
Care and, when appropriate, the Office of Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental
Disabilities, in advance of any notice to residents and family, when all of the following
circumstances apply:
(1) the transfers of residents within the facility are being proposed due to curtailment,
reduction, capital improvements or change in operations;
(2) the transfers of residents within the facility are not temporary moves to accommodate
physical plan upgrades or renovation; and
(3) the transfers involve multiple residents being moved simultaneously.
History: 1Sp2001 c 9 art 5 s 10; 2002 c 379 art 1 s 113; 2005 c 56 s 1; 2007 c 147 art 7 s 75

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes