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Providers as defined in section 144.291, subdivision 2, group purchasers as defined in section
62J.03, subdivision 6, elementary or secondary schools or child care facilities as defined in section
121A.15, subdivision 9, public or private postsecondary educational institutions as defined in
section 135A.14, subdivision 1, paragraph (b), a board of health as defined in section 145A.02,
subdivision 2
, community action agencies as defined in section 256E.31, subdivision 1, and the
commissioner of health may exchange immunization data with one another, without the patient's
consent, if the person requesting access provides services on behalf of the patient. For purposes
of this section immunization data includes:
(1) patient's name, address, date of birth, gender, parent or guardian's name; and
(2) date vaccine was received, vaccine type, lot number, and manufacturer of all
immunizations received by the patient, and whether there is a contraindication or an adverse
reaction indication.
This section applies to all immunization data, regardless of when the immunization occurred.
History: 1992 c 569 s 12; 1995 c 259 art 1 s 35; 1Sp1995 c 3 art 16 s 13; 1998 c 397 art 11
s 3; 2005 c 98 art 1 s 24; 2007 c 147 art 10 s 15

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Revisor of Statutes