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    Subdivision 1. Adoption; content; review. An education district board shall adopt a
comprehensive agreement for continuous learning. The agreement must address methods to
improve the educational opportunities available in the education district. The education district
board shall review the agreement annually and propose necessary amendments to the member
    Subd. 2. Extended year instruction. The agreement may provide opportunities for pupils
to receive instruction throughout the entire year and for teachers to coordinate educational
opportunities and provide instruction throughout the entire year. A teacher who is employed for
the extended year may develop, in consultation with pupils and parents, individual educational
programs for not more than 125 pupils.
    Subd. 3. Attendance in other districts. (a) The agreement may provide for a pupil who
is a resident of a member district to enroll in programs or courses offered by another member
district or transfer to another member district. A pupil and parent shall consult with a career
teacher, counselor, or principal before transferring to another district. The agreement shall specify
procedures for reimbursement among the member districts. The district of residence shall count all
resident pupils who enroll in programs or courses or transfer to another district as its pupils for the
purpose of state aid and levy limitations. The agreement shall determine whether transportation is
available for pupils enrolled in programs or courses or transferring to another district.
(b) Paragraph (a) does not limit any rights or duties under section 124D.03.
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