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    Subdivision 1. Authorization. The state director may create and establish such number
of regional disaster offices as may be necessary to provide both administrative assistance and
operational support following a disaster, and with due consideration of the plans of the federal
government and of other states. The director shall designate staff for each regional disaster office
who shall have primary responsibility for the organization, administration, and operation of
the office.
    Subd. 2. Personnel training, expenses. When the state director considers it necessary to
send (1) an employee of the Division of Emergency Management or any other individual, whether
or not that individual is a state employee, to a school, training or indoctrination program, or place
for training or indoctrination in matter legitimately connected with emergency management, or
(2) any individual, whether or not a state employee, to any place in this or another state for any
purpose connected with emergency management, the state director may authorize the payment of
travel expenses and reasonable subsistence for the period that the employee or other individual is
required to remain at the place. These payments must be made from money appropriated to the
department. Upon certification by the state director of the purpose and amount of the payment, the
commissioner of finance shall pay the amount so certified. The stipulations in this section are
subject to section 43A.18.
The state director may devise and formulate a procedure for the processing and certification
of travel and subsistence expenses that allows the employee or other individual to submit monthly
statements of expenses incurred during the preceding month.
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