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The commissioner of natural resources may grant permits and licenses or leases on and
across lands owned by the state to any corporation or association engaged in or preparing to
engage in the business of mining and beneficiating taconite as defined in section 298.001,
subdivision 4
, or semitaconite as defined in section 298.34, for the purpose of providing the
corporation or association necessary easements, rights-of-way and surface rights over, through
and across such lands for the erection and maintenance of pipe lines, pole lines, conduits,
sluiceways, roads, railroads and tramways. The commissioner may grant permits and licenses or
leases for flowage rights, rights to transport crude ore, concentrates or waste materials over such
state-owned lands, and may lease state-owned lands for the depositing of stripping, lean ores,
tailings, or waste products of such business. Such permits, licenses or leases, may also authorize
the use of state-owned lands by such corporation or association for plants and other buildings
necessary to the proper carrying on of such business and may grant water rights and other rights
requisite to the construction of wharves, piers, breakwaters, or similar facilities necessary to the
carrying on of such business or the shipment of the products thereof. The commissioner may also
license the flooding of state lands in connection with any permit or authorization for the use of
public waters issued by the legislature or issued by the commissioner pursuant to law. Such
permits, licenses, and leases shall be upon such conditions and for such consideration and for
such period of time as the commissioner may determine. The county auditor, with the approval of
the county board, is authorized to grant permits, licenses and leases for all such purposes across
tax-forfeited lands not held by the state free from any trust in favor of any and all taxing districts,
upon such conditions and for such consideration and for such period of time as the county board
may determine. Any proceeds from the granting of such permits, licenses or leases shall be
apportioned and distributed as other proceeds from the sale or rental of tax-forfeited lands.
History: 1945 c 275 s 2; 1955 c 619 s 1; 1969 c 1129 art 3 s 1; 1979 c 145 s 1; 1999
c 86 art 1 s 26

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes