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(a) The director shall:
(1) publish, disseminate, and distribute informational and promotional materials;
(2) promote and encourage the coordination of Minnesota tourism promotion efforts with
other state agencies and develop multiagency marketing strategies when appropriate;
(3) promote and encourage the expansion and development of international tourism
(4) advertise and disseminate information about Minnesota travel opportunities;
(5) aid various local communities to improve their tourism marketing programs;
(6) coordinate and implement a comprehensive state tourism marketing program that takes
into consideration public and private businesses and attractions;
(7) contract, in accordance with section 16C.08, for professional services if the work or
services cannot be satisfactorily performed by employees of the agency or by any other state
(8) provide local, regional, and statewide tourism organizations with information, technical
assistance, training, and advice on using state tourism programs; and
(9) generally gather, compile, and make available statistical information relating to Minnesota
tourism and related areas in this state, with authority to call upon other state agencies for statistical
data and results obtained by them and to arrange and compile that statistical information.
(b) The director may:
(1) apply for, receive, and spend money for tourism development and marketing from other
agencies and tourism organizations and businesses;
(2) apply for, accept, and disburse grants and other aids for tourism development and
marketing from the federal government and other sources;
(3) enter into joint powers or cooperative agreements with agencies of the federal
government, local governmental units, regional development commissions, other state agencies,
the University of Minnesota and other educational institutions, other states, Canadian provinces,
local, statewide, and regional tourism organizations as necessary to perform the director's duties;
(4) enter into interagency agreements and agree to share net revenues with the contributing
(5) make grants;
(6) conduct market research and analysis to improve marketing techniques in the area of
(7) monitor and study trends in the tourism industry and provide resources and training to
address change;
(8) annually convene conferences of Minnesota tourism providers for the purposes of
exchanging information on tourism development, coordinating marketing activities, and
formulating tourism development strategies; and
(9) enter into tourism promotion contracts or other agreements with private persons and
public entities, including agreements to establish and maintain offices and other types of
representation in foreign countries, to promote international travel and to implement this chapter.
(c) Contracts for goods and nonprofessional technical services made under paragraph (b),
clauses (3) and (9), are not subject to the provisions of sections 16C.03, subdivision 3, and 16C.06
concerning competitive bidding and section 16C.055 concerning barter arrangements. Unless
otherwise determined by the commissioner of administration, all other provisions of chapter 16C
apply to this section, including section 16C.08, relating to professional and technical services.
History: 2004 c 171 s 10

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes