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    Subdivision 1. Definitions. (a) The definitions in this subdivision apply to this section.
(b) "Agency" means the Pollution Control Agency.
(c) "Minor modification" means a physical or operational change that does not increase the
rated energy production capacity of a solid fuel fired boiler and which does not involve capital
costs in excess of 20 percent of a new solid fuel fired boiler having the same rated capacity.
(d) "Refuse-derived fuel" means a product resulting from the processing of mixed municipal
solid waste in a manner that reduces the quantity of noncombustible material present in the waste,
reduces the size of waste components through shredding or other mechanical means, and produces
a fuel suitable for combustion in existing or new solid fuel fired boilers.
(e) "Solid fuel fired boiler" means a device that is designed to combust solid fuel, including
but not limited to: wood, coal, biomass, or lignite to produce steam or heat water.
    Subd. 2. Use of refuse-derived fuel. (a) Existing or new solid fuel fired boilers may utilize
refuse-derived fuel in an amount up to 30 percent by weight of the fuel feed stream under the
following conditions:
(1) utilization of refuse-derived fuel involves no modification or only minor modification to
the solid fuel fired boiler;
(2) utilization of refuse-derived fuel does not cause a violation of emissions limitations or
ambient air quality standards applicable to the solid fuel fired boiler;
(3) the solid fuel fired boiler has a valid permit to operate;
(4) the refuse-derived fuel is manufactured and sold in compliance with permits issued by
the agency and:
(i) is produced by a facility for which a permit was issued by the agency before June
1, 1991; or
(ii) is produced by an agency-permitted facility designed as part of a regional waste
management system at which facility the waste is mechanically and hand sorted to avoid
inclusion of items containing mercury or other heavy metals in the waste that is processed into
refuse-derived fuel, and the refuse-derived fuel producer has contracted with an end user to
combust the fuel; and
(5) the owner or operator of the solid fuel fired boiler gives prior written notice to the
commissioner of the agency of the amount of refuse-derived fuel expected to be used and the
date on which the use is expected to begin.
(b) A facility that produces refuse-derived fuel that is sold for use in a solid fuel fired boiler
may accept waste for processing only from counties that provide for the removal of household
hazardous waste from the waste.
(c) The agency may not require, as a condition of using refuse-derived fuel under this
section, any additional monitoring or testing of a solid fuel fired boiler's air emissions beyond
the monitoring or testing required by state or federal law or by the terms of the solid fuel fired
boiler's permit issued by the agency.
History: 1991 c 337 s 56; 1992 c 593 art 1 s 33