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    Subdivision 1. Purpose. Money appropriated to the agency for waste tire management
may be spent for regulation of permitted waste tire facilities, research and studies to determine
the technical and economic feasibility of uses for tire-derived products, and public education
on waste tire management.
    Subd. 2.[Repealed, 1Sp2001 c 2 s 162]
    Subd. 3.[Repealed, 1Sp2001 c 2 s 162]
    Subd. 4. Waste tire materials; prohibition. Materials derived from waste tires may not
be used as lightweight fill in the construction of public roads in the state unless the construction
plan is prepared by a professional engineer experienced in the geotechnical field and licensed in
the state of Minnesota. The plan shall include, but not be limited to, the location, duration, and
length of the project, the depth of fill, the depth of cover, the size of waste tire pieces, the plan for
encapsulating the waste tire pieces, and the fire protection plan. All engineering specifications
must be consistent with the current lightweight tire fill engineering practices as developed for
roadways by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.
History: 1984 c 654 art 2 s 97; 1988 c 685 s 14; 1989 c 335 art 1 s 269; 1997 c 216 s 96;
1999 c 73 s 5; 1Sp2001 c 2 s 126; 2002 c 382 art 1 s 2

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes