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The commissioner shall make a preliminary advisory report to the drainage authority with
an opinion about the adequacy of the preliminary survey report. The commissioner shall state
any additional investigation and evaluation that should be done relating to public waters that
may be affected and environmental and land use criteria in section 103E.015, subdivision 1,
and cite specific portions of the preliminary survey report that are determined inadequate. The
commissioner shall file an initial preliminary advisory report with the auditor before the date of
the preliminary hearing. The commissioner may request additional time for review and evaluation
of the preliminary survey report if additional time is necessary for proper evaluation. A request for
additional time for filing the commissioner's preliminary advisory report may not be made more
than five days after the date of the notice by the auditor that a date is to be set for the preliminary
hearing. An extension of time may not exceed two weeks after the date of the request.
History: 1990 c 391 art 5 s 39