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    Subdivision 1. Authority to lease. The commissioner of natural resources in consultation
with the commissioner of agriculture may, at a public or private lease sale and at the prices and
under the terms and conditions the commissioners may prescribe, lease any state-owned lands
under the commissioner's jurisdiction and control for the purpose of farming of wild rice. Priority
must be given to lands which are accessible and adjacent to existing wild rice production areas and
requested for leasing by wild rice producers. The term of a lease under this section must be offered
for a minimum of 20 years but may be for a shorter period at the option of the lessee. If a lease is
issued prior to the adoption of the rules for the implementation of this section and for a period of
less than 20 years, the lease must be converted to a minimum 20-year lease after the rules have
been adopted, at the option of the lessee. Leases must be accepted or denied within 60 days of
application. If a lease is denied, written notice must be given stating reasons for denial. The lease
rate must be adjusted every five years to reflect market values. The money received from the leases
under this section must be credited to the account that receives the proceeds of a sale of the land.
    Subd. 2. Wild rice land designation and development. The commissioner of natural
resources and the commissioner of agriculture shall prepare a plan that designates state land
for wild rice production including an inventory of the number of acres of land appropriate and
suitable for wild rice development and leasing in each county. Proposed mineral exploration does
not exempt land from being designated for wild rice development.
    Subd. 3. Rules. The commissioner of natural resources may adopt rules to implement this
History: 1985 c 276 s 8; 1986 c 398 art 18 s 2,3