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(a) The commissioner may sell the timber on any tract of state land in lots not exceeding
3,000 cords in volume, in the same manner as timber sold at public auction under section 90.101,
and related laws, subject to the following special exceptions and limitations:
(1) the commissioner shall offer all tracts authorized for sale by this section separately from
the sale of tracts of state timber made pursuant to section 90.101;
(2) no bidder may be awarded more than 25 percent of the total tracts offered at the first
round of bidding unless fewer than four tracts are offered, in which case not more than one tract
shall be awarded to one bidder. Any tract not sold at public auction may be offered for private
sale as authorized by section 90.101, subdivision 1, to persons eligible under this section at the
appraised value; and
(3) no sale may be made to a person having more than 20 employees. For the purposes
of this clause, "employee" means an individual working for salary or wages on a full-time or
part-time basis.
(b) The auction sale procedure set forth in this section constitutes an additional alternative
timber sale procedure available to the commissioner and is not intended to replace other authority
possessed by the commissioner to sell timber in lots of 3,000 cords or less.
History: 1981 c 305 s 4; 1991 c 92 s 1; 1993 c 172 s 46; 1994 c 551 s 5; 1996 c 295 s 7;
2000 c 485 s 2; 2003 c 73 s 3; 2005 c 141 s 7

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes