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    Subdivision 1. Subrogation rights of state. The state shall be subrogated, to the extent of
reparations awarded, to all the claimant's rights to recover benefits or advantages for economic
loss from a source which is or, if readily available to the victim or claimant would be, a collateral
source. Nothing in this section shall limit the claimant's right to bring a cause of action to
recover for other damages.
    Subd. 2. Duty of claimant to assist. A claimant who receives reparations must agree to
assist the state in pursuing any subrogation rights arising out of the claim. The board may require
a claimant to agree to represent the state's subrogation interests if the claimant brings a cause
of action for damages arising out of the crime or occurrence for which the board has awarded
reparations. An attorney who represents the state's subrogation interests pursuant to the client's
agreement with the board is entitled to reasonable attorney's fees not to exceed one-third of
the amount recovered on behalf of the state.
    Subd. 3.[Repealed, 1995 c 226 art 7 s 26]
History: 1974 c 463 s 10; 1979 c 173 s 1; 1983 c 262 art 1 s 6; 1986 c 463 s 19; 1987 c
358 s 127; 1989 c 335 art 4 s 101

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Revisor of Statutes