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    Subdivision 1. Appointment by the court. If the arbitration agreement provides a method
of appointment of arbitrators, this method shall be followed. In the absence thereof, or if the
agreed method fails or for any reason cannot be followed, or when an arbitrator appointed fails
or is unable to act and a successor has not been duly appointed, the court on application of a
party shall appoint one or more arbitrators. An arbitrator so appointed has all the powers of one
specifically named in the agreement.
    Subd. 2. Disclosure by a neutral arbitrator. (a) A "neutral arbitrator" is the only arbitrator
in a case or is one appointed by the court, by the other arbitrators, or by all parties together in
agreement. A neutral arbitrator does not include one selected by fewer than all parties even
though no other party objects.
(b) Except for arbitrations under the American Arbitration Association, prior to selection,
a neutral arbitrator shall disclose any relationships the person has with any of the parties, their
counsel, insurers, or representatives and any conflict of interest, or potential conflict of interest,
the person may have.
(c) In all arbitrations:
(1) after a neutral arbitrator has been selected, any relationship, conflict of interest, or
potential conflict of interest that arises must be immediately disclosed by the arbitrator in writing
to all parties, and a party may move the district court or the arbitration tribunal for removal of
the neutral arbitrator;
(2) the disclosure required under this section is in addition to that which may be required by
applicable rules of law, ethics, or procedure; and
(3) if the neutral arbitrator fails to disclose a conflict of interest or material relationship, it is
grounds for vacating an award for fraud as provided in section 572.19.
History: 1957 c 633 s 3; 1986 c 444; 1991 c 321 s 8

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Revisor of Statutes