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53A.08 BOND.
Before a license may be issued to a currency exchange, the applicant shall file annually
with and have approved by the commissioner a surety bond, issued by a bonding company
authorized to do business in this state in the principal amount of $10,000. The bond must run to
the commissioner and is for the benefit of creditors of the currency exchange for liability incurred
by the currency exchange on money orders issued or sold by the currency exchange, for liability
incurred by the currency exchange for sums due to a payee or endorsee of a check, draft, or money
order left with the currency exchange for collection, and for liability incurred by the currency
exchange in connection with providing currency exchange services. The commissioner may
require a licensee to file a bond in an additional amount if the commissioner considers it necessary
to meet the requirements of this section. In determining the additional amount of the bond which
may be required, the commissioner may require the licensee to file its financial records, including
all bank statements, pertaining to the sale of money orders for the preceding 12-month period. In
no case may the bond be less than the initial $10,000 or more than the outstanding liabilities.
History: 1989 c 247 s 8; 1992 c 504 s 6