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(a) A guardian is entitled to reasonable compensation for services as guardian and to
reimbursement for expenditures made on behalf of the ward, in a manner consistent with section
(b) A guardian is not liable to a third person for acts of the ward solely by reason of the
relationship. A guardian who exercises reasonable care in choosing a third person providing
medical or other care, treatment, or service for the ward is not liable for injury to the ward
resulting from the wrongful conduct of the third person.
(c) A guardian, without authorization of the court, may revoke the appointment of an agent
of a health care directive of which the ward is the principal, but the guardian may not, absent a
court order, revoke the health care directive itself. If a health care directive is in effect, absent
an order of the court to the contrary, a health care decision of the guardian takes precedence
over that of an agent.
(d) A guardian may not initiate the commitment of a ward to an institution except in
accordance with section 524.5-313.
History: 2003 c 12 art 1 s 38

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes