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The owner may sell and convey the homestead without subjecting it, or the proceeds of such
sale for the period of one year after sale, to any judgment or debt from which it was exempt in the
owner's hands, except that the proceeds of the sale are not exempt from a judgment or debt for a
court ordered child support or maintenance obligation in arrears. The proceeds of an insurance
claim for an exempt homestead are exempt for one year. The owner may remove therefrom
without affecting such exemption, if the owner does not thereby abandon the same as the place
of abode. If the owner shall cease to occupy such homestead for more than six consecutive
months the owner shall be deemed to have abandoned the same unless, within such period, the
owner shall file with the county recorder of the county in which it is situated a notice, executed,
witnessed, and acknowledged as in the case of a deed, describing the premises and claiming the
same as the owner's homestead. In no case shall the exemption continue more than five years
after such filing, unless during some part of the term the premises shall have been occupied as
the actual dwelling place of the debtor or the debtor's family.
History: (8342) RL s 3458; 1976 c 181 s 2; 1986 c 444; 1987 c 403 art 3 s 75; 1993 c 79 s 3