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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Before any rule for the Court of Appeals or for the district court is adopted, the Supreme
Court shall distribute copies of the proposed rule to the bench and bar of the state for their
consideration and suggestions and give due consideration to any suggestions they submit to the
court. The Court of Appeals judges or district court judges association may file with the court a
petition specifying their suggestions concerning any existing or proposed rule and requesting a
hearing on it. The court shall grant a hearing within six months after the filing of the petition. The
court may grant a hearing upon the petition of any other person.
History: 1947 c 498 s 4; 1980 c 387 s 1; 1983 c 247 s 162; 1998 c 254 art 2 s 51; 1999
c 86 art 1 s 72