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    Subdivision 1. Election of administrative auditor. On or before July 1 of 1972 and each
subsequent even-numbered year the auditors of the counties within the area shall meet at the call
of the auditor of Hennepin County and elect from among their number one auditor to serve as
administrative auditor for a period of two years and until a successor is elected. If a majority is
unable to agree upon a person to serve as administrative auditor, the commissioner of finance
shall appoint one from among the auditors of the counties in the area. If the administrative auditor
ceases to serve as a county auditor within the area during the term for which elected or appointed,
a successor shall be chosen in the same manner as is provided herein for the original selection, to
serve for the unexpired term.
    Subd. 2. Staff; facilities; reimbursement. The administrative auditor shall utilize the staff
and facilities of the auditor's office of the county served to perform the functions imposed by
sections 473F.01 to 473F.13. The administrative auditor's county shall be reimbursed for the
marginal expenses incurred by its county auditor and auditor's staff hereunder by contributions
from each other county in the area in an amount which bears the same proportion to the total
expenses as the population of the other county bears to the total population of the area. The
administrative auditor shall annually, on or before February 1, certify the amounts of total
expense for the preceding calendar year, and the share of each county, to the treasurer of each
other county. Payment shall be made by the treasurer of each other county to the treasurer of the
county incurring expense on or before the succeeding March 1.
History: Ex1971 c 24 s 3; 1973 c 492 s 14; 1986 c 444