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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

With the approval of the county board and of the county auditor, the treasurer of any county,
in order to save payment of interest on county warrants drawn upon a fund in which there shall
be temporarily insufficient money in the treasury to redeem the same, may borrow temporarily
from any other fund in the county treasury in which there is a sufficient balance to care for the
needs of such fund and allow a temporary loan or transfer to any other fund and the treasurer
may pay such warrants out of such funds; provided it shall first be determined that the amount of
such transfer may be returned to the fund from which borrowed before there is need for same
in such fund and, in any event, within six months; and any such money so transferred shall be
returned to the fund from which drawn as soon as money shall come in to the credit of such
fund to which it has been loaned.
History: (869-1) 1925 c 318 s 1