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The surveyor shall keep complete and accurate records and field notes of all the work, giving
dates, names of assistants, lengths and relative directions of all lines, a full description of the
evidence and method by which corners are located or restored, and complete data by which the
entire survey can be relocated. Distances must be given in feet and decimals thereof. Durable
magnetic monuments must be placed at all restored government corners or as references to the
government corners. The surveyor shall make a plat on durable reproducible material, showing
the above mentioned facts, so far as practicable, and also all tracts of land affected, with the name
of the owner and acreage of each tract. The plat must have endorsed thereon the affidavit of the
surveyor to the effect that the survey and plat are correct and accurate.
History: (800) RL s 461; 1986 c 365 s 4