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    Subdivision 1. Service credit purchase authorized. A teacher who has at least three years of
allowable service credit with the teachers retirement fund association and who performed service
in the United States armed forces before becoming a teacher as defined in section 354A.011,
subdivision 27
, or who failed to obtain service credit for a military leave of absence period
under section 354A.093, is entitled to purchase allowable service credit for the initial period of
enlistment, induction, or call to active duty without any voluntary extension by making payment
under section 356.551 if the teacher has not purchased service credit from another Minnesota
defined benefit public employee pension plan for the same period of service.
    Subd. 2. Application and documentation. A teacher who desires to purchase service credit
under subdivision 1 must apply with the executive director or secretary of the respective teachers
retirement fund association to make the purchase. The application must include all necessary
documentation of the teacher's qualifications to make the purchase, signed written permission to
allow the executive director or secretary to request and receive necessary verification of applicable
facts and eligibility requirements, and any other relevant information that the executive director or
secretary may require. Payment must be made before the teacher's effective date of retirement.
    Subd. 3. Service credit grant. Allowable service credit for the purchase period must be
granted by the applicable teachers retirement fund association to the purchasing teacher on receipt
of the purchase payment amount.
History: 1999 c 222 art 16 s 7; 2004 c 267 art 17 s 5; 1Sp2005 c 8 art 10 s 62

NOTE: This section, as added by Laws 1999, chapter 222, article 16, section 7, is repealed
effective May 16, 2007. Laws 1999, chapter 222, article 16, section 16, as amended by Laws
2002, chapter 392, article 7, section 1; Laws 2003, First Special Session chapter 12, article 6,
section 2; Laws 2004, chapter 267, article 17, section 6; and Laws 2005, First Special Session
chapter 8, article 2, section 3.