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Unless the damages so ascertained, together with the fees of the appraisers and justice, shall
be paid within 24 hours after appraisal, the person distraining shall cause the beasts to be put into
the nearest pound of the same town, if there be one; and, if not, then in some secure enclosure
therein, where the same shall remain until sold, as hereinafter directed, or until the damages,
fees, and the costs of keeping the beasts after appraisal shall be paid, or until otherwise seized
or discharged according to law. From the time of seizure until discharged or sold, such beasts
shall be furnished with suitable food, the expense of which, after the appraisal, shall be added
thereto as additional costs; and, if the beasts be put in a pound, the certificate of appraisal shall
be delivered to the keeper thereof.
History: (7278) RL s 2780