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Any transient merchant desiring to engage in, do, or transact business by auction or
otherwise, in any county in this state shall file an application for a license for that purpose with
the auditor of the county in which the desired business is to be conducted, which application shall
state the name of the applicant, the proposed place of business, the kind of business proposed to
be conducted, and the length of time desired to do business. Such transient merchant shall pay to
the treasurer of such county a license fee of $150, and shall give bond to the county in an amount
to be determined by the county treasurer, which shall be not less than $1,000 nor more than
$3,000. The bond shall be approved by the treasurer and be conditioned that the merchant will
in all things conform to the laws relating to transient merchants and further conditioned on full
compliance with all material oral or written statements and representations made by the seller, the
seller's agents, representatives, or auctioneers with reference to merchandise sold or offered for
sale and on faithful performance under all warranties made with reference thereto. The treasurer
of such county shall issue to such person receipts therefor, and such transient merchant shall
thereupon file such receipts with the auditor of such county, who shall thereupon issue to such
transient merchant a license to do business as such at the place described in the application; and
the kind of business to be done shall be described therein. No license shall be good for more than
one person unless such person shall be a member of a copartnership, nor for more than one place,
and shall not be good outside of the county in which it was issued. Such license shall be good for
a period of one year from the date of its issuance. The auditor shall keep a record of such licenses
in a book provided for that purpose, which shall at all times be open for public inspection. No
license shall be issued unless the merchant produces evidence that the merchant is the holder of a
valid seller's permit issued under section 297A.83, or a written statement from the merchant that
the merchant is not offering for sale any item that is taxable under chapter 297A.
The application shall further contain the applicant's residence and business address for the
prior two-year period; the type of business engaged in during the previous two years; and the
name and address of the auctioneer who will conduct the sale. No such sale shall be conducted in
the name of any person other than the bona fide owner of the merchandise.
The applicant shall attach to the application an itemized list of merchandise to be offered
for sale reciting as to each item a description thereof including serial number if any, the owner's
actual cost thereof, and a designation by number corresponding with a number to be affixed to
each item by a tag which shall be kept fastened to the item at all times until sold.
Prior to the issuance of the license and approval of bond, the applicant shall in writing
appoint the county auditor as the applicant's agent to accept service of process in any action
commenced against the applicant arising out of the sale for which the license is sought. Such
action shall be brought in the county where the sale was held.
History: (7338) 1911 c 39 s 2; 1953 c 271 s 1; 1986 c 444; 1988 c 719 art 10 s 19; 2000 c
418 art 1 s 44

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes