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    Subdivision 1. Composition. The Board of Electricity shall consist of 11 members, residents
of the state, appointed by the governor of whom two shall be representatives of the electrical
suppliers in the rural areas of the state, two shall be master electricians, who shall be contractors,
two journeyman electricians, one registered consulting electrical engineer, two power limited
technicians, who shall be technology system contractors primarily engaged in the business of
installing technology circuits or systems, and two public members as defined by section 214.02.
Membership terms, compensation of members, removal of members, the filling of membership
vacancies, and fiscal year and reporting requirements shall be as provided in sections 214.07 to
214.09. The provision of staff, administrative services and office space; the review and processing
of complaints; the setting of board fees; and other provisions relating to board operations shall be
as provided in chapter 214.
    Subd. 2. Powers. The board, or the complaint committee on behalf of the board where
authorized by law, shall have power to:
(1) Elect its own officers.
(2) Engage and fix the compensation of inspectors, and hire employees. The salary of the
executive secretary shall be established pursuant to chapter 43A. All agents and employees other
than contract inspectors shall be in the classified service and shall be compensated pursuant
to chapter 43A. All inspectors shall hold licenses as master or journeyman electricians under
section 326.242, subdivision 1(1) or 2(1), and shall give bond in an amount fixed by the board,
conditioned upon the faithful performance of their duties.
(3) Pay such other expenses as it may deem necessary in the performance of its duties,
including rent, supplies, and such like.
(4) Enforce the provisions of sections 326.241 to 326.248, and provide, upon request, such
additional voluntary inspections and reviews as it may deem appropriate.
(5) Issue, renew, refuse to renew, suspend, temporarily suspend, and revoke licenses, censure
licensees, assess civil penalties, issue cease and desist orders, and seek injunctive relief and civil
penalties in court as authorized by section 326.242 and other provisions of Minnesota law.
(6) Adopt reasonable rules to carry out its duties under sections 326.241 to 326.248 and to
provide for the amount and collection of fees for inspection and other services. All rules shall be
adopted in accordance with chapter 14.
    Subd. 3. Fees and finances; disposition. All fees collected under the provisions of sections
326.241 to 326.248 are to be credited to a special account in the state treasury. Money in the
account is appropriated to the Board of Electricity to administer and enforce sections 326.241
to 326.248, to pay indirect costs, to compensate contract electrical inspectors for inspections
performed, and to make refunds.
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Revisor of Statutes