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A person who directly or indirectly pays a gasoline or special fuel tax as provided in this
chapter and who does not in fact use the gasoline or special fuel in motor vehicles in this state or
receive, store, or withdraw it from storage to be used personally for the purpose of producing or
generating power for propelling aircraft, but sells or otherwise disposes of the same, except as
provided in section 296A.16, subdivision 3, is hereby authorized to collect, from the person to
whom the gasoline or special fuel is so sold or disposed of, the tax so paid, and is hereby required,
upon request, to make, sign, and deliver to such person an invoice of such sale or disposition. The
sums collected must be held as a special fund in trust for the state of Minnesota.
History: 1998 c 299 s 11

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes