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Private and confidential data on individuals may be exchanged among the department, the
taxpayer's rights advocate, the attorney general, the claimant agency, and the debtor as necessary
to accomplish and effectuate the intent of sections 270A.01 to 270A.12, as provided by section
13.05, subdivision 4, clause (b). The department may disclose to the claimant agency only the
debtor's name, address, Social Security number and the amount of the refund, and in the case of a
joint return, the name of the debtor's spouse. Any person employed by, or formerly employed by, a
claimant agency who discloses any such information for any other purpose, shall be subject to the
civil and criminal penalties of section 270B.18. Data collected by the department from claimant
agencies relating to claims filed under this chapter are private data on individuals.
History: 1980 c 607 art 12 s 11; 1981 c 311 s 39; 1982 c 545 s 24; 1989 c 184 art 2 s 16;
1992 c 511 art 7 s 8; 1995 c 264 art 9 s 8; 1Sp2001 c 5 art 7 s 9