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(1) Pursuant to the Interstate Compact on Juveniles, the governor is authorized to designate
the commissioner of corrections to be the compact administrator, who, acting jointly with like
officers of other party states, shall promulgate rules to carry out more effectively the terms of
the compact. The compact administrator shall serve subject to the pleasure of the governor. The
compact administrator is authorized to cooperate with all departments, agencies and officers
of and in the government of this state and its political subdivisions in facilitating the proper
administration of the compact or of any supplementary agreement entered into by this state
(2) The compact administrator shall determine for this state whether to receive juvenile
probationers and parolees of other states pursuant to Article VII of the Interstate Compact on
Juveniles and shall arrange for the supervision of each such probationer or parolee so received,
either by the commissioner of corrections or by a person appointed to perform supervision service
for the juvenile court of the county where the juvenile is to reside, whichever is more convenient.
Such persons shall in all such cases make periodic reports to the compact administrator regarding
the conduct and progress of such juveniles.
History: 1957 c 892 s 3; 1974 c 125 s 1; 1986 c 444