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Whenever the superintendent of any state, county or city sanitarium, medical laboratories or
other institution, or the head of any department of the state or of any county, city, nursing district
or other subdivision of the state employing licensed nurses, learns that any employee of such
institution or department whose duties bring the employee in contact with patients or inmates
therein or who works in and around any tuberculosis contaminated material, has contracted
tuberculosis while employed in such institution or department, such superintendent or department
head shall report such illness to the Workers' Compensation Division. Copies of such report shall
be sent to the commissioner of human services if a state institution; to the head of the department
if a department of the state; to the county board if a county institution or department; or to the
governing body of the city or other subdivision of the state which employs the afflicted person.
The commissioner of the department of labor and industry upon receiving such report, shall
mail to the superintendent of such institution or the head of such department blank forms to be
filled out by such employee claiming the medical and sanitarium treatment and compensation
hereinafter provided for. The commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry shall
thereupon set the claim on for hearing and determination in the same manner as claims of other
public employees under the workers' compensation law are heard and determined.
History: 1947 c 616 s 2; 1949 c 558 s 3; 1957 c 31 s 2; Ex1967 c 1 s 6; 1973 c 123 art 5 s 7;
1973 c 388 s 166; 1975 c 359 s 23; 1984 c 654 art 5 s 58; 1986 c 444

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes