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In case of an epidemic of any infectious or contagious disease in any state correctional
facility under control of the commissioner of corrections, by which the health or lives of the
inmates may be endangered, the chief executive officer thereof, with the approval of the
commissioner of corrections may cause the inmates so affected to be removed to some other
secure and suitable place or places for care and treatment; and, if the facility is destroyed, in
whole or in part, by fire or other casualty and becomes unsuitable for proper detention and custody
of the inmates, the chief executive officer, with the approval of the commissioner, may remove
them, or any number of inmates, to another safe and appropriate place as may be provided.
History: (10805) RL s 5442; 1959 c 263 s 2; 1979 c 102 s 13; 1981 c 192 s 16