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    Subdivision 1. Providing alternative service. Other providers of television programming or
cable communications services shall notify the person operating a cable communications system
when a resident or association member occupying a dwelling unit in a multiple dwelling complex
requests the services provided for by this section or section 238.241. After reaching agreement
with the alternative service provider for reimbursement to be paid for use of the equipment,
the cable communications system shall make available the equipment necessary to provide the
alternative service without unreasonable delay.
    Subd. 2. Reimbursement determination. The amount to be reimbursed must be determined
under section 238.24, subdivision 10. The reimbursed amount must be paid in one installment for
each instance of requested use. The payment may not be refunded upon subscriber cancellation
of the alternative service.
    Subd. 3. Financial records made available. The person operating a cable communications
system, upon written request, shall make available to the alternative provider financial records
supporting the reimbursement cost requested.
History: 1985 c 285 s 35; 2004 c 261 art 7 s 18,19