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Any railroad company existing in whole or in part under the laws of this state or authorized
to own and operate a railroad in this state may, by an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of its
directors, empower its president and chief engineer to designate the route of any extension or
branch of its road, and of any alteration of its line or route, but before making or building any
such extension or branch or alteration, or condemning any land therefor, the president and chief
engineer of the railroad company shall in writing, by map, courses and distances, or otherwise,
designate the route thereof and, after having certified to the correctness thereof, file such writing
so certified with the secretary of the railroad company, who shall record the same in a book to
be kept for such purposes, and the railroad company shall obtain a copy of that record, duly
certified by its president and secretary and attested by its seal, and file such certified copy with
the secretary of state, to be recorded, and thereupon such corporation shall have the same right
to make any and all such alterations and to build any and all such extensions and branches as it
would have if it had been authorized so to do by its charter or articles of incorporation.
History: (7531) RL s 2922; 1986 c 444