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Use of money collected for political purposes is prohibited unless the use is reasonably
related to the conduct of election campaigns, or is a noncampaign disbursement as defined in
section 10A.01, subdivision 26. The following are permitted expenditures when made for political
(1) salaries, wages, and fees;
(2) communications, mailing, transportation, and travel;
(3) campaign advertising;
(4) printing;
(5) office and other space and necessary equipment, furnishings, and incidental supplies;
(6) charitable contributions of not more than $50 to any charity annually; and
(7) other expenses, not included in clauses (1) to (6), that are reasonably related to the
conduct of election campaigns. In addition, expenditures made for the purpose of providing
information to constituents, whether or not related to the conduct of an election, are permitted
expenses. Money collected for political purposes and assets of a political committee or political
fund may not be converted to personal use.
History: 1988 c 578 art 3 s 12; 1993 c 318 art 2 s 48