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    Subdivision 1. County canvassing board. The county canvassing board shall consist of the
county auditor, the court administrator of the district court, the mayor or chair of the town board
of the county's most populous municipality, and two members of the county board selected by the
board from its members who are not candidates at the election. Any member of the canvassing
board may appoint a designee to appear at the meeting of the board, except that no designee may
be a candidate for public office. If one of these individuals fails to appear at the meeting of the
canvassing board and in the absence of any selection by the county board from among its own
members, the county auditor shall appoint an eligible voter of the county who is not a public
official or a candidate for public office to fill the vacancy. Three members constitute a quorum.
    Subd. 2. State Canvassing Board. The State Canvassing Board shall consist of the secretary
of state, two judges of the supreme court, and two judges of the district court selected by the
secretary of state. None of the judges shall be a candidate at the election. If a judge fails to appear
at the meeting of the canvassing board, the secretary of state shall fill the vacancy in membership
by selecting another judge who is not a candidate at the election. Not more than two judges of the
Supreme Court shall serve on the canvassing board at one time.
    Subd. 3. Duties of canvassing boards. The returns from every election held in this state
must be reported to a legally constituted canvassing board. The duties of each canvassing board
are limited to those duties specified in sections 204C.32 to 204C.39.
History: 1981 c 29 art 5 s 31; 1986 c 444; 1Sp1986 c 3 art 1 s 82; 1987 c 175 s 10; 1989 c
291 art 1 s 13; 1993 c 223 s 13; 1997 c 147 s 39