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    Subdivision 1. Requirement. (a) Except for a licensed commercial or noncommercial
applicator, only a certified private applicator may use a restricted use pesticide to produce
an agricultural commodity:
(1) as a traditional exchange of services without financial compensation;
(2) on a site owned, rented, or managed by the person or the person's employees; or
(3) when the private applicator is one of two or fewer employees and the owner or operator
is a certified private applicator or is licensed as a noncommercial applicator.
(b) A private applicator may not purchase a restricted use pesticide without presenting a
certified private applicator card or the card number.
    Subd. 2. Certification. (a) The commissioner shall prescribe certification requirements
and provide training that meets or exceeds United States Environmental Protection Agency
standards to certify private applicators and provide information relating to changing technology to
help ensure a continuing level of competency and ability to use pesticides properly and safely.
The training may be done through cooperation with other government agencies and must be a
minimum of three hours in duration.
(b) A person must apply to the commissioner for certification as a private applicator. After
completing the certification requirements, which must include an examination as determined by
the commissioner, an applicant must be certified as a private applicator to use restricted use
pesticides. The certification shall expire March 1 of the third calendar year after the initial year
of certification.
(c) The commissioner shall issue a private applicator card to a private applicator.
    Subd. 3. Fees. (a) A person applying to be certified as a private applicator must pay a
nonrefundable $10 application fee for the certification period.
(b) A $5 fee must be paid for the issuance of a duplicate private applicator card.
History: 1987 c 358 s 78; 1989 c 326 art 5 s 45,46; 1993 c 367 s 9; 1995 c 95 s 3; 1997 c
131 s 3; 2001 c 7 s 12; 2002 c 373 s 8