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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

    Subdivision 1. Department's authority; cooperation with other departments. The
department has sole authority and responsibility for the administration and enforcement of this
chapter. The commissioner will consult with the Department of Health in matters related to
occupational health and will through written agreement determine those reasonably appropriate
services which the Department of Health will provide in order to effectuate the provisions of this
chapter. Any other department or official of this state or political subdivision thereof which
would in any way affect the administration or enforcement of this chapter shall cooperate and
coordinate all such activities with the department to assure orderly and efficient administration
and enforcement of this chapter.
    Subd. 2. Contracts and cooperation with federal government. The department is
authorized and empowered to make all contracts and to do all things necessary to cooperate with
the United States government, and to qualify for, accept and disburse any grant from the United
States government intended for the administration of this chapter.
    Subd. 3. Liaison officer. The commissioner shall designate a liaison officer from the
department whose duty it shall be to insure the maximum possible consistency in procedures
and to insure minimum duplication between the department and the other agencies that may be
involved in occupational safety and health.
History: 1973 c 732 s 21; 1983 c 216 art 1 s 88; 1983 c 316 s 29; 1986 c 444